We were at the Language Show

3 11 2008
WAES Stand

WAES Stand

The Language Show was a huge success. Our lovely stand really stood out because of all the nice people working there during these three days, giving loads of information about WAES, the cost-effective prices and the fortune cookies!

The Language Show 2008

The Language Show 2008

It was our first year exhibiting at the Language Show. Our stand was visited by lots of people interested in studying and working with us. I think that this initiative will pay off. Our next step will, definitely, be participating in the seminars. I have attended loads of interesting seminars delivered by teachers sharing their projects carried out in their schools, E-learning Consultants highlighting the importance of ICT in the learning process, and teacher trainers such as Russel Stannard, lecturer at the University of Westminster. Russell brought a new concept of giving feedback to students that is fantastic. I will be writing a post on this new way of marking students’ assignments very soon. Actually, I will need two or three volunteers to take part of this project I am starting!

The "Dream Team" at The Language Show

The "Dream Team" at The Language Show

So, let’s hope that next year WAES will be at the Language Show once again, not only publicising our courses but also showing our ICT projects!

Watch the video!

Nice one!




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