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3 12 2008
You Tube

You Tube

You probably think that You Tube is not very useful and that it is just for Entertainment!

Actually, it is one of the best sources of content on the web.

You can find loads of resources for all areas of teaching, such as languages, History, Science, Health, Make up, Business, Pottery, English for Academic purposes, as for example IELTS or Cambridge Certificates.

Try to search for information about teaching methodology, Interviews with famous people, Language lessons, Pottery or Make up tutorials, Live Lectures, television programmes and help with exams.

If you want to use some of the videos in your class and you would like to embed the videos into your presentations, especially if you are working offline, you can grab them from You Tube.



You Tube Downloader

You Tube Downloader

You just need to Google youtube downloader, click on the first link of the sites returned, download the small piece of software, press Run and it is installed.



Press Run

Press Run




The downloader allows you to download videos from You Tube and then convert them into other types of format.

Enter the URL of any You Tube video and convert by clicking on Convert video. You can save the video as a mov, avi, wmv, mp3 or mp4 to your computer .

Please let me know if you need a hand with it.




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