Create Your Own Podcast

11 12 2008

What is a podcast?



A podcast is a feed used to share out audio or video content, such as a weekly music show or video program. Like blogs, podcasts have many different formats and topics, from talk shows to cooking.


Podcasting has now become popular as an alternative way of providing content that can be listened to whenever, wherever and as many times as the listener wants. The idea that a podcast can be produced by just about anyone with access to the Internet has generated a lot of interest in educational circles.

The call is not only in providing supplementary listening input for students, but that students themselves can become involved in recording and producing their own podcasts.

How do you produce your own podcasts?

You can do this with a handheld MP3 with recording facilities. I have got one in my drawer, if you need it!

You can use the program Audacity on our PCs.



Using Audacity allows you to edit out the mistakes, change the order of students and add music and sound effects, creating a more professional show.

Don’t worry! Audacity is amazingly simple to use.

OR there is another extremely quick and easy way of creating your podcasts that is signing up podomatic website.

You will easily be able to make a recording, save it, find it, keep it nicely organised, embed it on EZone or send it to your students.

Signing up is completely FREE.

Once you log in, the site gives you lots of information about podcasting, you can search for podcasts on whatever topic you want, and if you go to My Podcast area you can create your own podcasts.

To produce your podcast just click on post new episode, click on Record with your webcam or microphone and hit on the record button. You can preview your recording or re-record if you are not happy with it.

After that you press on Use Recording, move on to Next Step, give your podcast a title and write a short description, you can add pictures to it, tag it and then punch the Post Episode button.

And that’s it! Really easy! Give me a shout if you need a hand.

Good podcasting! Enjoy!




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13 12 2008

This is a great idea for everyone to use, i hope that a lot of our tutors will find it useful.

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