NLN – National Learning Network

28 01 2009


The National Learning Network (NLN) is a national partnership programme designed to increase the uptake of information and learning technology (ILT) across post 16 education as well as Adult and Community Learning (ACL) funded by the Learning and Skills Council.

The NLN has gathered loads of interactive materials designed to be used in further education and are also made available to ACL providers. WAES has access to all their online materials. All you need to do is to register. You will also need WAES password  that you can get from David or your E Guides, just drop us an email.

Interactive Materials on NLN

Interactive Materials on NLN

This is really useful for everyone. The materials cover Art/Craft, Basik Skills, Business, ICT, Communications, ESOL, Flower Arranging, Food, Gardening, Hair/Personal Care, Health and Safety, Interior Design, Music, Performing Arts, Sports/Fitness, Technology, etc
You can add these materials to Ezone easily. Once you’ve selected the resource, you will have to copy the Learner URL, log-in Moodle, click on “Add a resource”, select “Link to a file or web site”, enter a name, paste the Learner URL to the “Location” box, save and return to course. This resource will be available to your students in your learning environment.
Learner URL

Learner URL

You can also download the collections that contain all the learning objects you wish to use. Once you have selected the collection, dowload the zip file, then go to Moodle, click on “Add a resource”, choose “SCORM/AICC” and upload the zip file as you normally do with your files.

Let us know if you need a hand uploading the NLN materials to your Moodle course.




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