Create your Interactive Games

3 02 2009
Click here to go to

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Play the game on EZone

Play the game on EZone

What2learn is an innovative and exceptional eductional tool which develops and tests learners knowledge in a fun and interactive way.  Loads of effective and envolving learning games will drill your students in essential knowledge. their attainment will be automatically calculated and recorded.

The games work brilliantly on the interactive whiteboard for the whole group or on EZone, so they can have a go individually.

If you want to use the games that were already created, all you have to do is to search for games, select the tag you are looking for, such as Art, Design Technology, English, French, Spanish, German, Film, History, ICT, Mathematics, Music, etc, and then just click on the game.

As a teacher you can prepare resources to support the delivery of your subject, create a range of games related to the scheme of work you are teaching. These games can be used as starter or revision tasks. To create your own games click on “Make a Game”, choose the type of game ( Hangman, question and answer, wordsearch, anagram and multiple-choice), hit the highlighted game’s name, enter the content in the adequate boxes, add a tag to your quiz and confirm the questions. To share the game you can send it via email or social web or you can copy the embed code on the right handside of the web site, paste the code to a web page on Ezone, save it and it’s ready to play.

Let me know if you need a hand.




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