Video Jug – Life Explained, On Film

2 03 2009


VideoJug is a comprehensible library of free instructional videos online.
The high definition videos are professionally produced and cover every imaginable topic – definitely an online video encyclopaedia of life.
The videos are divided in two different formats: The informative “How To” and the “Ask The Expert” that guides the viewer step by step through everything and anything in life.
The “How To” videos deliver easy-to-follow, bite-size tutorials on a variety of topics, such as recipes, beauty and hairstyle tips, jobs and careers, technology, DIY, sports and fitness and education videos including languages, punctuation, math and special needs.
Recipes videos example
Click to play

Click to play

The “Ask The Expert” videos are professors, coaches, teachers or consultants providing answers to common questions and concerns.
For example the Yoga videos
Click to play

Click to play

VideoJug is a source for credible answers and wisdom for every possible aspect of human life. VideoJug informs, helps and inspires. I think we could make good use of it in our classes and for personal reasons as well!



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