Mobile Learning

24 03 2009


Imagine teaching where your learners can access the internet, record videos and photos, create PowerPoint presentations on the go, access a digital library, read e-books, answer interactive quizzes, or produce dynamic mind maps of their project-based work in the palms of their hands anytime and anywhere.

This is the world of Mobile Learning. Using the latest handheld devices, seamless integration of technology is becoming a reality in educational establishments across the country.

With M Learning you can effectively support personalised learning styles; create learning activities with easy-to-use tools; engage your learners anytime, anywhere; choose from a varied of tried and tested learning materials for mobile devices, including topics like ESOL, numeracy, literacy, driving theory, health and safety, business, and much more; enrich your students’ experiences through online collaboration; create podcasts; interact and share ideas, resources or information such as audio, images and videos.

Mobile learning has proven to improve retention, achievement and progression in many projects that took place in different colleges in the country. It also increases flexibility of provision, extends the virtual learning environment, helps those who find it difficult to attend classes and have little or no access to IT equipment, provides learners with technology to strengthen the relationship between learning in the field and learning in the classroom, and also facilitates data recording and evidence collection.

Visit to read more about Mobile Learning.

Let me know if you are interested in knowing how to use M learning with your students. You can tie in your commitment to 30 hours CPD and log on the “research project” on ifl. You can come up with your own idea for a project (could be for example finding out the effect of M Learning has on students’ motivation), undertake training as part of the project, deliver and report back logging the whole as part of your CPD activity. If you liked the idea I am more than happy to help you with ideas, planning the project, providing training and overseeing the project.




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