QR Code

31 03 2009

myqr  kaywa

QR (Quick Response) codes are 2-dimensional bar codes that can contain text, URLs, phone numbers and other data. The QR code can be read by a camera phone as long as it has free QR Code Reader software.

These awkward looking images are being used with students in various ways.

Students can use it to subscribe to a RSS news feed; tutors can integrate QR codes in their PowerPoint presentations or printable materials, as it facilitates note taking; you can send as sms to a phone; transfer a phone number; append the codes to Moodle, it facilitates classroom evaluation and it is perfect for mobile learners.

How to create a QR Code

Go to http://qrcode.kaywa.com , type in text, a URL or a telephone number and generate the code. Copy and paste the image generated into your slide or document etc.

Check if your phone can use QR reader software on http://reader.kaywa.com/getit , download direct to your phone or to your computer and transfer.

Use your camera and software on your phone to capture the code’s message.


Another excellent QR code creator is Snappr.net . You just have to create a free account and you can create QR codes linked to music files, images, URLs, VR Cards and Voting. Snappr allows you to download the QR code reader on your mobile phone (few mobile phones cannot read QR codes).

In case you do not want to download the application to your phone or if your phone does not accept a QR code reader you can use the MMS option. It’s simple! – Take a picture of the code on your mobile phone and send it to Snappr@Sannpr.net . Within a few moments you will receive a link that leads to the collected information on Snappr, all optimized for your device.

Visit http://molenetprojects.org.uk/moletech for more ideas using QR codes in teaching and learning.




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