iTunes U – A Special Section of the iTunes Store For Education

8 06 2009


Learners and teachers already use mobile technology in nearly every aspect of their daily lives. Now education has been plugging into that massive chance for learning by providing permanent access to educational materials, along with easy ways for learners to connect, collaborate and share.

You know that mobile learning is reshaping the educational experience. Learning no longer happens only in the classroom or at a desk.

I am sure that loads of students are iTunes users already. Now instead of just going to iTunes for their music and movies they can also find entertainment for their brains!


iTunes U in the iTunes Store offers free audio and video content from top universities, well-known museums and other cultural institutions. With iTunes U your students can learn from the world’s leading thinkers, attend free lectures, peep at an exhibition, listen to audiobooks or just brush up their Spanish.

Students can sync iTunes U content with any iPod or iPhone, so they can go right on learning while they grab something to eat, walk to class or work out at the gym. They will only have to search, download and play educational content as easily as they do with their music, movies and TV shows.

It’s accessible to anyone with a Mac or PC.

If you haven’t got iTunes, you can download it for free – click here!

Try it yourself! Learn anytime, anywhere.




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