SpinVox – Word of Mouth

15 06 2009


SpinVox captures messages and converts them into text. It then delivers your message to a destination of your choice, such as your inbox, blog, wall, messenger or social web space. The message is instantly delivered to its destination, giving you the power to speak freely.

What can SpinVox do for you?

voicemailIf you are not able or can’t be bothered to pick up your voicemails, SpinVox converts your voicemail as text

memoSpeak yourself a reminder in case you can’t reach out for a pen and your message is sent straight to your inbox

blastSpeak a text message and send it to as many people as you like at once

textIf you are in a place where no one can hear you, just speak a text message

socialShare your moments by grabbing your phone, speaking your message,  SpinVox converts it to text and send it to your social network (Facebook, Myspace, Twitter…)

blogUpdate your blog just by speaking

Check out how you get your SpinVox!





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