Smartscreen for everyone

12 01 2009



Smartscreen is a huge e-learning portal, set up by City & Guilds, to provide dedicated online support to learners, tutors and assessors.

Smartscreen provides unit-specific support materials created by subject matter, offering a complement to the entire teaching and learning experience. It has more than 36,000 pages including downloadable documents and interactive activities.

WAES gained unlimited access to all the support for all levels of all qualifications and has full admin rights to issue as many tutor and learner logins as we wish. If you would like to subscribe Smart screen, just drop the E Learning department an email and we will send you login details, confirmation of qualifications purchased and simple instructions on how to take advantage of unlimited tutor and learner access.

This is a real time saver! Don’t miss it!


Text To Speech

18 11 2008
Click to listen to the Spud

Click to listen to the Spud

Today’s post is about Text to Speech.  Text to speech is fantastic for students as it offers them the option of listening or listening and reading at the same time. We tend to give our pupils a lot of content to read, that probably they will not read! By using Text to Speech we can make sure we reach more learning styles.

It is great for getting your students ready for the listening exam and also pronunciation, as they enter the text and will get all the words properly read.

All you have to do is to copy a text, paste it, choose the language, save it and use it in the classroom or add it to Moodle.

Have a look! And please tell us how you have been using it and if it has been useful.

Here’s a list of other Text to Speech online links:

AT&T Labs



e-blabla goes mobile

24 09 2008

From now on whenever you forget to check out e-blabla at work, you can do it in your way home from your mobile.

Thanks to, I could mobilize eblabla blog. Anyone can create a mobile version of your website or blog. They even have an iphone version.

Try it!