Net Tips

In this page you will find training videos giving you Tips on efficient ways of searching on the Internet and other handy guides.

This video gives you a few examples of good search engines to use for your searches.

This video shows you how to use the UK Search only option on Google.

Another way of narrowing the number of sites listed when you punch search is using the Advanced Search options. Watch the video explaining how to use the Advanced Search on Google.

Have you heard of Boolean Commands? It seems that you need to show that you know about them on your ITQ! Here they are. Watch the following videos.

Another Boolean Command…

Here’s an excellent tip if you are looking for a song lyric.

You can also search within a particular website. Have a look how you can do it.

You can search within a date range…

Did you know you can use Google as a Hiper Super Dictionary. Watch the video to find out how.


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