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What an essay! She already knew what was going to happen. You can get some ideas from her essay.

videocasting in waes

This video shows good and exemplar Elearning practice. Joe Brooks, ceramics teacher in WAES creates videocats so his students can review the contents covered in the classes.

Podcasts turns learning mobile and flexible, it is no longer anchored to a computer and students can access instructional content anywhere – anytime.

Have a look.


You can see the presentation the E-learning team delivered at the Staff Conference once again.

What is an E Guide?

How do you use PowerPoint in your class?

What do you do with Moodle?

How have you been using the Smart board?


Using WAES Email

Using an email system instead of a paper-based one has many advantages, such as the money-saving aspect and speed of communication. Our college needs to have every member of staff using Microsoft Exchange-based system.

How to use your WAES email Guide – Have a look!

Guide to use Outlook
How to use your Outlook


How to embed ICT into your teaching


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