English Listening Language Lab Online

26 11 2008

This site is superb! It has a load of listening materials, such as interviews, dialogues, mixer activities featuring six speakers, different accents, video format, pictures, quizzes, listening games, listening for GIST or details, animated newscasts that develop test taking skills for standardised listening tests such as IELTS, mini lectures or presentations, situational English needed for daily communication, podcasts, slide shows, slide quizzes, text view, audio notes, worksheets and printable lessons. It also has a songs section that allows the students to listen to the song as the words are displayed on the screen so they can catch the lyrics as well as working on grammar, pronunciation, reading speed, reading by chunks, common slang and idioms.

Your students can use ello.org at home, in the classroom or the slide quizzes, videos and newscasts work brilliantly on the Smartboard.

It can be used with all levels.

Let me know what you think!


Learn a language with Podcasts

11 11 2008
Radio Lingua Network

Radio Lingua Network

By using an iPod or another mp3 player you can take your learning with you – learning with podcasts allows you to learn a language on the move.

Just download free podcasts to your computer or mp3 player, or listen online. You or your students will be using the language with confidence in no time.

These podcasts from Radio Lingua Network help learners to master basic or tricky aspects of more than 15 different languages, such as English, Spanish, Catalan, French, German, Irish, Japanese, Mandarin etc…




The Radio Lingua Network

The Radio Lingua Network




This is all about learning at any time wherever the learner wants to. It is aimed to anyone from tourists to business people or school students. You can find one minute lessons, pick-up working knowledge, in-depth courses, and insights into using idiomatic expressions.