Smartboard and Health Education

1 06 2009
Click here to visit the site

Click here to visit the site

Health education is essential these days but it can be quite difficult to explain the concept of a balanced diet. Fortunately, teachers can use some great interactive websites and their interactive whiteboards to help students learn the concepts of a balanced diet.

ActiveScience GSK has a great interactive activity called Balanced Diet that challenges students to interact with different people, read about their goals for a balanced diet and then choose the best meals throughout the day. They are provided feedback about their choice of diet that helps educate them about the importance of the types of foods they are eating. This activity also has supporting worksheets including a word search and a word scramble.


This is for real now!

18 09 2008

I finally got the job! I am, officially, the new E-Guide Lecturer at WAES.

So I have a lot to do around here…Keep your eyes on this space, as it will offer you top tips on how to use IT with your students in a stress-free way!

I will be passing on to all of you some easy techniques to create your interactive activities, handy stuff to use on Smartboard, innovative and practical ideas on using Ezone, useful links, loads of resources and plenty of ready-to-use materials.

A few days ago I just got an email from my favourite blog called Teachers Love Smartboards that had a link to a post created by Doug Belshaw named Ten Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard More Effectively . Have a look! It’s great!

There is also a Google Docs presentation called Thirty-Seven Interesting Ways to Use Your Interactive Whiteboard.